Relaxing and Recovery Full body Massages

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Relaxing and Recovery Full body Massages


Authentic and atmospheric full body massages in east Belfast.

Best way to book in with Me –

Send me your text with your preferred time and day and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

Any of the massages mentioned below are mixable so feel free to make your own tailored massage of your preference

Swedish Massage:

Relaxing full body massage it consists of long all body covering strokes and different authentic massage techniques . I tried to add different levels of pressure in this massage (as not all bodies are the same)and mix up some freestyle movements making this Swedish massage feel like above your average massage . Make your back and legs feel fantastic and take off the heaviness that’s been weighing you down and tone your muscle groups whilst improving your posture and blood circulation and improving sleep quality. It’s a perfect staple massage that feels good and is good for you.

Sports Recovery –

Post exercise sports massage /fitness massage

This is type of massage that you might need if you’re training , weight lifting ,body building, running or doing any high intensity things and you’re looking for speedy active recovery and effective pain relief for muscle aches and DOMS ( delayed onset muscle soreness) – and this is one is tailored to your needs and /or specific injuries.the massage consists of heavy pressure throughout with some body warm up

Deep tissue massage

A perfect way to get rid of your knots that’s caused due to lifestyle such as sitting long hours at computer or driving, after the massage you will feel tensed areas getting more loose and flexible, leaving you well rested.

Holistic massage / heated oil

This massage is great if you don’t like strong massages or even any pressure at all but you are still looking for a light touch that’s nerve tickling, and can be done with hot oil

foot and calves massage – a strong and firm massage to relieve and relax tendons and muscles in your feet/ shins and calves

Uninterrupted massage sessions

Warm and Cosy environment

shower also is Available

parking is just outside the house

Instagram : Skwisgàre

Facebook : Ruta Anna Skwisgàre

You can book me by text and WhatsApp messages or even email I’ll reply as soon as I can

No calls will be answered

Thank you for your time and see you soon.

Ruta ,Drengr of Raganrök

Please keep in mind this is not a sexual service

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