Personal Trainer- Calisthenics and Kickboxing

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Personal Trainer- Calisthenics and Kickboxing


Are you tired of being tired? Sick of not having the physique that you always wanted? Are you lacking self-confidence and scared of the world around you? Looking for a new hobby or passion? Looking for the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones? Well, I’m here to fix all of that for you (and more!) with the power of Martials Arts -Thai Boxing.

Hello my name is Dominic Howes and I’ve been training and exercising for well over 10 years. For the last few years my main focus has been Martial Arts and Calisthenics, during this time I have trained many of my family and friends.

I know that training in commercial gyms can become tedious and boring over time when training family and friends I always aim to make every session fun, educational, but tough. I will understand your goals, aspirations and mental health as this has a clear correlation.

The benefits of Thai boxing Training include:

• Improved physical fitness

• Improved Self-Confidence

• Self-Defence skills

• Professional Matches

• Weight-loss

• Variety of workout

• Muscle Toning

• Technical Skills

• Stress Management

• Diet planning/Nutrition

• Flexibility/mobility

• Improved cardio

• Increased Strength

Hope to hear from you soon.

£40 per session per 1 on 1 session. If you want to workout with a partner/friend it only costs an extra £10 for each person you add up to 2 for now.

I train outdoor and in the gym-(depends on the location).

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