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Peace of Mind Life Coaching


Hello, my name is Margaret. Welcome to peace of mind!

I believe that everybody has the capability to succeed in whatever they wish to – but this can only manifest from self determination, drive and conviction.

My passion comes from a deep love for people, the love for my work and an innate desire to help people who want to transform their life.

I appreciate that often the realities of life can sometimes feel limiting and/or overwhelming, and that this leads to indecision, stagnation and lack of confidence; But I will be there to help guide you on your journey of endless possibilities in self discovery, and assist in providing a lifetime of motivational skills that can be applied to all aspects of life, to enhance purpose and well being.

Together, I believe that we can create a platform for you to express ideas and explore further choices that’ll influence your future in a way that will create a life that you deserve now.

(Sessions available in English and Polish)

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