New Year. New You. Personal Trainer/Nutritionist Offering Real Transformations. January Sale Now On

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New Year. New You. Personal Trainer/Nutritionist Offering Real Transformations. January Sale Now On


Hi, I’m Jay. I am a fully qualified PT and nutritionist with CIMSPA registration now working out of a very well stocked, friendly, family run gym in the centre of Ashington.

I’m currently offering a 10% discount for life to all those who want to start 2024 with a bang. Get the body you’ve always wanted in a timely and cost efficient manner.

With 25 years experience and thousands of successful transformations under my belt I am a personal trainer with a difference. My hourly rate includes:

Completely personalised training that will ensure you will reach your goals in record time.

Free personalised nutrition plan based on the food you like to eat and including none of the ones you don’t.

Free out of gym support and exercise programming for days you wish to train alone.

24/7 WhatsApp support and wellbeing checks.

Up to one hour free at the start of every phase for progress checks: body fat, measurements, blood pressure and other health markers etc.

The best bit…. guaranteed results!

About me:

I have coached people from all walks of life and levels of experience. I have helped people to win contests, transform their body, improve health, gain strength and much more. My current roster includes; professional boxers and MMA fighters, rugby players, bodybuilders and many, many lifestyle clients with varying goals and levels of experience. I take every clients journey personally, if they fail, I fail and I don’t do failure. With me you will get results!

I treat every client as an individual and you will never see me train two clients the same way as we are all unique in this world. I offer a total immersive experience. I will attach myself to your lifestyle to ensure you are always progressing towards our goals. This includes personalised nutrition support, daily check ins, outside of gym support and much more. This is much more than just your average personal trainer package.

Personally I am a competitive bodybuilder and power lifter with 25 years experience in the industry.

My areas of expertise include;


Strength and conditioning

Prep coaching

Body transformation

Older adults

Weight loss

Weight/muscle gain

Injury rehabilitation

Pre and post natal with Stretch mark reduction/removal

Nutrition and supplementation


What stands me apart from other PT’s is my 5 star service guarantee. Here is what you get:

Experience and knowledge.

Over 25 years in the industry I have amassed an extensive degree of knowledge through training, coaching, mentoring and studying. I have extensive knowledge of nutrition, anatomy and physiology and what is needed, both mentally and physically, to elicit maximum muscle growth.

Meticulous planning and attention to detail.

I won’t just meet you for a quick consultation or worse still, meet you in the gym for your first session and off we go. Instead I believe in proper planning, using my three stage consultation. We will start with a talk on the phone, from there you will complete my in-depth email questionnaire, this will allow me to discover everything I need to know about you. 
What your goals are. what drives you, any potential hurdles or obstacles we will need to overcome, your dietary requirements etc. From there I will formulate the outline of a plan for you. We will then meet for our free consultation where we can discuss the plan and make any necessary adjustments. All of this is free, I invest my time in you, so it’s my belief that you will get nowhere without the right planning. There is also no obligation on your part at any time during the process. If you do decide to hire me, by the time we hit the gym floor we will already be well on the way to achieving your goals by having an in depth road map for the journey ahead.

Real Personalisation

I get to know each of my clients personally. I treat everyone individually and learn what makes you tick and discover how I can push you to get towards your goals whilst managing your physical And mental wellbeing. This approach has resulted in a 0% injury rate and a 100% success rate. Success breeds success, we will succeed together. The problem in the industry today is too many people take the fitness professional title too seriously. I am a professional but I realise that you pay my wages. That is why I have never injured a client and I always get my clients to their goals, whatever they may be!

Support. guidance and education

I am a believer in teaching my clients everything I know to equip them to carry on their own fitness journey when they are comfortable enough to go it alone. I’m not interested in temporary fixes, I want my clients to keep on improving long after they have left me. This is a lifestyle change. Additionally, I am always available for clients who have questions outside of our gym time. I am very passionate about health and fitness and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience.

No penalties ever! 

I understand things don’t always go to plan, we all have emergencies, sickness’, family difficulties etc, therefore if you are going to miss a session I don’t need 24 hours notice, I’m not going to charge you like many people do, just give me a heads up and we can rearrange, also if you’re going to be late, just let me know so we can work something out, time will never be deducted from your sessions. In addition to this, there will be no clock watching, if a session overruns, it overruns, we go to the end.

I also offer 8, 10 and 12 week body transformation packages at discounted rates that will guarantee you fast results if you are prepared to put in the effort!!

See my pictures for examples of my recent work, see my pictures for my website address, send me a message or give me a call and we can get you started on the road to the best version of you. Merry Xmas everyone 😀

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